About Sandy Gennaro

Rock and Roll at it's Finest

Sandy Gennaro was born and raised in NYC and currently resides in Nashville, TN. Throughout his career as a world class rock and roll drummer, Sandy has toured the globe and recorded with world renowned artists: Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Bo Diddley, Johnny Winter, The Monkees, Joe Lynn Turner, Michael Bolton, Benny Mardones, Craaft, The Mamas and Papas and Jon Paris.

Sandy has recorded several Top 10 singles and has performed for over a billion fans spanning his over 50 year career!  He has also made numerous TV appearances including The Tonight Show, The Grammy Awards, The American Music Awards, The MTV New Years Ball, and The Late Show with David Letterman.

"After over 50 years in the music business, I've been able to reflect on how success happened for me and what kept me positive through it all.  Now I share what I've learned with others, so they too can have rockstar success in business and in life."

What the Rockstars Say About Sandy

Sandy Gennaro and Joan Jett

"Everything Sandy plays on sounds like a hit record! Love his vibe onstage and off!"

Joan Jett

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Cyndi Lauper and Sandy Gennaro onstage during The Fun Tour

"Sandy plays for the song. He was a huge part of the success of my most successful LP! He’s great!
Thanks Sandy for your spirit Time After Time!"

Cyndi Lauper

Peter Criss of KISS and Sandy Gennaro

"I have met and played with a lot of drummers in my life.  Over the past year I've played with and got to know Sandy Gennaro. 
I can say first hand that he is a true professional who has an intense passion for the drums and LIFE! 
Sandy is a winner and I am proud to call him a brother."

Peter Criss

Drums, KISS

"Sandy is everything you would want in a drummer; power, finesse, feel, time, ears - the whole package.
His playing is no frills, just great solid drumming. He plays for the song.
Any musician would enjoy playing with Sandy Gennaro that's for sure!"

Beau Tackett

Guitar, Blake Shelton

"I watched Sandy play drums on MTV everyday growing up. The fact that he is my friend now is surreal.
If you want a confident, solid, inspired and versatile drummer or an inspiring motivational speaker, then Sandy is your man."

Rich Redmond

Drums, Jason Aldean
Tom Dowd Testimonial

"Sandy Gennaro—probably one of the 5 best drummers that I’ve encountered in the last 10 years.
He has all the facility to become a superstar drummer! Love this guy!"

Tom Dowd

Legendary Producer
Bo Diddley Testimonial

"Sandy Gennaro is untouchable!"

Bo Diddley

Mark Farner Testimonial

"I am always thrilled to play music with Sandy because he has that professional ear and an ability to nail any song.
He is a flat-out great drummer! Let’s jam some more Brother Sandy!"

Mark Farner

Grand Funk Railroad
Ronnie Montrose Testimonial

Sandy is one of my favorite drummers!  Some drummers simply, "learn parts" and call it a day...not Mr. G!
Ready to have fun on any twists and turns you can throw at him - I love this guy onstage and off!"

Ronnie Montrose

Pat Travers Testimonial

"The Italian Battalion…this guy is the most consistent drummer I've ever shared a stage with - what a pocket! He's The Master!

Pat Travers

The Pat Travers Band

Sandy Speaks to Everyone

From 1987, up until his move to Nashville in 2014, Sandy touched the lives of over 25,000 students through his lessons and master classes at The Collective in NYC, where he inaugurated the Music Business program.  He is also a favored counselor at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camps.

The time Sandy spent teaching in the classroom is what opened his eyes to the notion that, throughout his career, there were a few vital ingredients that enabled him to overcome and thrive as a performer and in his personal life.  Using this knowledge and experience, he formulated the basis of his keynote presentation about beating the odds.

Sandy became known as 'The Rock and Roll Thought Leader' after he began sharing his keynote presentations with companies, organizations and schools across the country, such as FedEx, Belmont University, Pacific Hotel Management LLC, Sam Ash Corp., The U.S. Space and Rocket Center, The Collective NYC, The School of Rock and many others.  He has also recently been welcomed into the keynote speaker program at Vistage, a highly regarded organization, touted by members for their excellent executive coaching and leadership programs.  Sandy's keynote speaking and coaching programs provide extraordinary results in energizing, motivating and inspiring those who participate.

Sandy Gennaro BEAT THE ODDS

Energize, Inspire and Motivate Your Audience
to Achieve Rockstar Success in Business and in Life