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Sandy Gennaro has learned a thing or two during his fifty years on the world stage. The music industry has cultivated in him a keen sense of business management—leading to this collection of strategies, philosophies, and practical solutions to many of the struggles facing companies small and large. Reading this book will prepare everyone (from the CEO right down to front-line employees) to navigate both the obstacles and the victories related to start-up, growth, and sustaining market position. Sandy uses real examples from his storied career with Hall-of-Fame artists to illustrate his lessons. You’ll laugh and learn; he has the heart of a teacher and balances the practical with the didactic, thereby making this a must-read book for anyone involved in today’s corporate climate!


Reviews of Beat the Odds in Business & Life


Sandy Gennaro is a wonderful ambassador for hope, humility and persistence. As a drummer that has performed with some of rock n rolls biggest acts, in some of the worlds most prolific venues, Sandy has never lost touch with the roots that grounded him in his early days in NYC. I am grateful that Sandy has taken the time to author Beat the Odds, it is a treasure full of wisdom and inspiration.

Blaine Wease
President, Provincial Development Group

I am so happy to have invested the time to read Beat the Odds. Wow! Got so much out of it. I spent a lifetime in the hospitality industry, including 20 years with Harrah's and Caesars Entertainment and Churchill Downs, and interacted with what I would consider to be dynamic celebrities in Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, Willie Nelson, Paula Dean, Colin Powell, Tony Orlando, Paul McCartney and Ahmad Rahshad, to name a few of the most substantive and social, so my expectations we high turning the pages. Although impressive, none of those unique personas was more insightful, interesting, real and inspiring than Sandy Gennaro, the author you will get to know and appreciate wile reading this book. From his real life stories, and suggestions acquired from his over 50 years on stage and in business with an upbeat and positive attitude and energy, you will undoubtedly take something away immediately applicable to your personal, professional and/or spiritual life. For me, Sandy's stage acumen in Nashville two years ago opened the door to our friendship, but this book now established my interest in his mentorship going forward. Powerful. Educational. Entertaining.

Darold J Londo
Seasoned CEO/Executive/Entrepreneur

Sandy Gennaro is a true rockstar on stage and in life. His history in music speaks for itself, but to last in that world you have to be a great businessman. In this book Sandy will show you how to build and maintain relationships that are the bedrock of every business.

Scott Hamilton

In case you haven't realized it already, Sandy Gennaro is the "Real Deal". We have a lot in common, both New York born, Italian, Catholic, parents, grandparents, uncles aunts and cousins to die for, who taught us all the most important lessons in life--things that all the great business books today could not begin to impart. While we haven't known each other a long time, our life-stories are so similar and I thoroughly enjoy sharing them when we break-bread or share a cup of java. So, as Sandy suggests, grab your favorite imbibement, chill, relax and read one of the most enjoyable and valuable books of real life! And what I deeply appreciate is a lesson from his Dad, in the last paragraph of his book similar to the message from my Dad...Trust me, Sandy, you have indeed made your Dad proud!

Clark Vitulli
Founder/CEO, Music City Chief Executives