What is B.E.A.T.S by Sandy?


What is B.E.A.T.S?

The B.E.A.T.S program was created by rockstar drummer, Sandy Gennaro, as a way to energize, inspire and motivate others to achieve rockstar success in business and in life!  Sandy's motivational speaking program is powerful, interactive and incorporates stories from his career as a drummer, touring and recording with stars such as Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, The Monkees and many more.

What does B.E.A.T.S stand for?

B.E.A.T.S stands for Belief, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Tenacity and Service.  These are the ingredients Sandy has found to be vital to his success, as a performer and in his personal life.  They are the ingredients he shares with his audiences to help them achieve their own rockstar success!

What types of audiences does Sandy speak to?

Sandy speaks to everyone.  From CEO to janitor, from parents and teachers, to students and children, sales teams and administrators, Sandy's speaking program is tailored to each individual audience in order to maximize engagement and resonate with all.

What is the overall message of the B.E.A.T.S program?

The overall message is that the tenets of B.E.A.T.S (Belief, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Tenacity and Service) should be applied to all aspects of life.  The audience will hear Sandy's stories and how he's personally used these tenets to overcome and succeed, and learn how to use these tenets in their own daily lives in order to be successful in meeting their personal and business goals.

What do audiences take away from the B.E.A.T.S program?

  • A vastly improved relationship among Leadership, Management, Workforce and Customers
  • Tools to help develop Leadership that people WANT to follow
  • Tools to create balance between your personal and business life
  • Ways to retain, engage and motivate your workforce
  • Tips for embracing change and the discomfort zone
  • Successful management of behavior, thoughts and emotions
  • Improved TEAM mentality
  • An Enhanced work ethic
  • A daily feeling of Gratitude
  • Ways to turn adversity into opportunity
  • How to deal with difficult people - wherever they may be on the corporate pyramid
  • A "Beating the Drums and Beating the Odds" drumstick!!

For years to come, every time participants hear a song that Sandy played on they will be reminded not only of his B.E.A.T.S Presentation but more importantly the valuable take-aways from the presentation. Rock and Roll is the gift that keeps on giving!

Will participants get to play the drums?

Yes!  The B.E.A.T.S program is an interactive, hands on experience for those who wish to participate.  This is part of what makes this program so unique, entertaining and memorable.  Ask about all-inclusive rates.

What People Are Saying About B.E.A.T.S

"Sandy is a great teacher and lecturer. His life lessons are applicable to all careers and walks of life. He is a rare talent. Thanks Sandy!”

Bob Duell - Former Member of the Texas Senate

"Sandy Gennaro has a rare combination of attributes; a huge heart for young people, the ability to formulate great lessons for them and the articulation to deliver a meaningful message that can be embraced by everyone or anyone.
Plus, he just freakin ROCKS!!!"

Dan Keen - Professor, Belmont University

"Sandy has the ability to draw from his rich life experiences, as a professional drummer and translate those into articulate presentations, that apply to everyone from college students to CEO’s. His message is not only full of great content, but coupled with inspiration, he can play a part in helping people to accomplish more than perhaps they first imagined."

Blain Wease - President, Provincial Development Group, Inc.

“Sandy delivers an incredible message from his “BEATS" acronym of Belief, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Tenacity, and Service all tied into his life lessons as a very successful musician. The audience was glued to his insight and learned a great deal of what it takes to have a successful life and career.”

Ken Hall - CEO School of Rock

Imagine bringing the power and energy of a rock concert, fueled by 52 years of behind-the-scenes stories, to drive home the valuable lessons of B.E.A.T.S that your people can use to achieve success in business and in life!

Not only will your audience leave feeling energized, motivated and inspired, but they’ll be reminded of this memorable experience and these lessons every time they hear one of the many hit songs Sandy has been involved with…

Now, that’s the power of Rock and Roll!

Sandy Gennaro by Ash Newell




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