The Monkees

The Monkees

(Warner Bros.)

20th Anniversary Tour USA

30th Anniversary Tour- USA / Europe

Davy Jones Tour – USA / Canada / Europe / Far East

Micky Dolenz Tour USA

Mgmt: David Fishoff

(WIN Media) “Monkee Mania, Live in Toronto” “The Monkees-Live Summer Tour 2001” “Micky, Davy and Peter –  Live in las Vegas”

“Playing with Sandy is a truly wonderful experience. He is always about the groove.”

Micky Dolenz

“I’ve known Sandy for 25 years — no other drummer can hold a stick to him, he is the greatest, he’s the best and what a friend!”

Davy Jones

I’ve done every Monkees reunion tour from 1987-2002, and all of Micky Dolenz’s solo dates through 2010. Talk about a gig having longevity! One of the things that kept this gig fresh and FUN was the wide variety of songwriters The Monkees had writing for them — hence the variety of musical styles. It was always a kick to do this gig and be associated with the original people involved, especially Micky, who in my opinion, has one of the best and most distinctive voices in Rock. Our gigs in the UK remain my favorites of all the Monkees tours I’ve done.