Student Testimonials

Sandy, I haven't played a gig where I didn't hear your voice along the way.
Erik Mosher, PA
Your inspiration and thoughtfulness have encouraged my dedication to the drums.  I am indebted to you for the impact you have had on my life.  I will recall my experience with you with fondness and enthusiasm for years to come.
Kenny Altbush, CA
Thanks for your knowledge, expertise and ind consideration.  Thanks for not letting me get down on myself.  You are a true teacher, a credit to the Drummers Collective and a true musician; respectful and masterful.  I am a better person for having known you.
Desmond Osorio, Berklee School of Music, Boston
I am a beginning drummer and I have recently purchased your "Drum Basics" video and have been watching it faithfully while practicing along with it.  Your instructions are easy to follow and it took me only the first day to learn the basic drum beats and notes.  I hope to see more of your instructional videos and/or DVDs as I would like to continue to learn from you.  Your instructional videos are wonderful!!!
Tammy Tevis, London England
My son got your videos, "Drum Basics 1 & 2".  He learned from them quickly.  We could not find another video by you.  We put him in lessons and it helped but not as much as your videos.  Do you have more videos?  We bought a video from a new guy and my son says it sucks.  He wants more from you!
Capt. Dart – Federal Firefighter, GA
Just wanted to say that I love your "Drum Basics" videos; you make learning interesting and fun.  I can learn at my own pace without any pressure.  Thanks for being a great teacher!  All my best.
Rosie Finlay, College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University
I have been a fan of your playing ever since the Blackjack album (which I still have!). It is still one of the best drum sounds I have ever heard on record!!!
Phil Slade, Bristol, UK
Sandy was a great help and inspiration to everyone who saw his clinic. He gave us the keys to our own success. And those keys are applicable to every level of business!!
Dave, Manager, Mom’s Music, KY
How great it is to work with someone who shares such an enthusiasm for the instrument. It's very inspirational and pushes me even further to constantly improve...Thanks for another inspirational lesson. I think you should name the room the "bunker of knowledge."
Roger Cardillo, NJ
Sandy gave me the kick in the ass I needed to overcome the obstacles in pursuit of my dreams.
Jimmy Clark, OH
Thank you for the drum lessons by proxy that you gave me by listening to you on recordings.  And as I grew older, one thing about you stood out more and more - when you play on a song it's like instant orchestration.  Every note and sound you choose is in the right place at the right time with great purpose.  That's an in-the-moment instinct that only a select few enjoy and that flows through you effortlessly.
Rob Romeo
Sandy, you are the greatest teacher in the world.  Thank you for a wonderful summer.
Yoni Alkin, Tel-Aviv, Israel
I just wanted to send a quick thanks your way for teaching me how to play the drums. I brought your "Ultimate Beginner Series Drum Basics" DVD and book and within one week I was jamming with my friends.  I've always been extremely passionate about music, but I could never play an instrument.  Your DVD was perfect!  You are a fantastic teacher and hopefully my drumming will continue to improve!
Cory Neal, VA
Studying drums with Sandy, is like taking a journey in a state-of-the-art jet airliner with a fantastic, gifted pilot.  I feel honored to be accepted as one of his students.
Armand Hirsch, NY