Bo Diddley


USA / European Tour

Mgmt.: Talent Consultants

International / Margo Lewis

“Sandy Gennaro is fu%kin’ untouchable!”

-Bo Diddley

May God bless your Rock ‘n’ Roll heart, Bo!

I had the honor of playing with Bo during the last stage of his 54-year Hall of Fame career. Words cannot begin to illustrate what an incredible experience this was for me, both musically and personally. The outstanding highlight of my association with Bo was when I was asked to be his Musical Director on a tour that consisted of 45 shows in 53 days in the Fall of 2006. We did some incredible tours of Europe and Australia. He ROCKED right up till the night he became ill. My man, “Bo D” as I used to call him, was a constant source of Rock ‘n’ Roll knowledge and inspiration to me and I am forever in his debt for allowing “DA DRUMMA” to share the stage with him all the way to the end. I also want to thank Margo Lewis, Debbie Hastings and all at TCI for making it an enjoyable ride.

Rest in Peace, Bo.