European Tour with Queen

Mgmt.: Richard Sanders/Uve Block

(Epic) “Craaft”

“More than a quarter century ago, we had the opportunity as rather inexperienced rock ‘n’ rollers in regard to the big stage, to open for Queen on their last European tour in ’86. It meant a lot to have Sandy back on the drum kit, holding us together and giving us the feeling of security to make it through the gig and have fun. Sandy, you are a real pro and thanks for the unforgettable moments!”

Franz Keil (Keyboard)

Craaft consisted of Klaus (vocals/guitar), Franz (keyboards) and Reinhardt (guitar). They were signed to Epic/Germany in their hometown of Frankfurt. I played on their entire debut album recorded in Frankfurt, then was asked to join their band for the 4-month Summer Tour of Europe and the UK — opening for QUEEN! We routinely played 2 and 3 night stands in 50,000-75,000 seat soccer stadiums. About once a week we’d play “open air” festivals that drew in excess of 100,000-125,000. Queen was a class organization with people like Freddy Mercury and Brian May leading the way to the private party after every gig. That tour was just unforgettably incredible on so many different levels. I’ll never forget it.