Cyndi Lauper


The Fun Tour

USA / Europe / Far East

Mgmt.: David Wolff

(Epic/Portrait) “Money Changes Everything” (single) “She’s So Unusual”(a 30th Anniversary Celebration) “Goonies” Soundtrack

“Sandy plays for the song. He’s great!!”

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi’s tour was one of the most exciting and unique gigs I’ve ever done. When I joined her band, hardly anyone outside of NYC knew who she was. Her first solo LP, “She’s So Unusual” had just come out and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” had just been released as a single. We played live on MTV’s “New Year’s Eve Ball” and from there the gig seemingly skyrocketed right into arenas worldwide. She is a multi-media artist, which afforded us unique opportunities not given to the ordinary, run-of-the-mill platinum artist.

Thank you Cyndi, for the opportunity to support you and your intense, extraordinary, underestimated voice and one-of-a-kind personality on stages all over the world.