The Mamas and The Papas

USA / South America / Europe / Korea Tour

“Sandy Gennaro not only has a terrific feel and a great sound, but he is always a lot of fun to work with. During the years that Sandy played drums for The Mamas and The Papas we had a blast and played some awesome shows all over the world. I always felt a close musical bond with him, and an even closer bond of friendship. Just a great guy to have on the gig!”

-John Kito (Musical Director/Keyboards)

Besides having the privilege of sharing the stage with John Phillips (founder and principle writer), Denny Doherty (lead vocalist) and playing some really cool songs with an awesome band; a cool thing about this gig was that we toured internationally and “off the beaten path”. Among other far east dates, we played the Seoul, Korea equivalent of Carnegie Hall, a sold out Black Tie Affair that was televised through South Korea. And who could forget the 10 or so dates in Brazil? We did a nice mix of venues from large rock clubs to gymnasiums to theaters. It was a very unique experience to say the least. Highlights of our domestic touring consisted of several gigs where we were backed by symphony orchestras performing in ultra-plush performing arts centers with awesome acoustics. John Kito, their brilliant keyboardist and Musical Director, guided this and all The Mamas & The Papas’ musical endeavors. John, being a helluva nice guy with a great sense of humor who also happens to be a Yankee fan, is still a close friend to this day.