Talks with Sandy

Get to know Sandy's story through these inspiring podcast conversations.

Sandy Gennaro, a world-traveling, award winning, rock and roll drummer, shares his origin story and the lessons he has learned over his lifetime in the music business. Sandy emphasizes the power of visualization and belief in achieving success.

He also introduces the BEATS principles: Belief, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Tenacity, and Service. Sandy’s journey to success is a testament to the importance of perseverance and surrounding oneself with supportive mentors. He emphasizes the importance of living a life of service and treating everyone the same. The conversation comes to a close as he talks about his passion for speaking and teaching, using his experiences as a drummer to entertain and inspire audiences.

Sandy Gennaro has performed in front of over One Billion people. First as a drummer for some of the top bands in history. Now as a Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach, and Mentor. Sandy's transition from a drummer to a sought-after public speaker is remarkable. It all started with a simple, heartfelt gesture—throwing a drumstick to a woman in a wheelchair during a concert. This act of kindness set off a chain of events redefining Sandy's career. The woman's husband reached out to express his gratitude, and their subsequent meeting led to Sandy's first speaking engagement. It's a powerful reminder that sometimes, unexpected moments can lead to life-changing opportunities.

Sandy introduced his mantra, "BEATS," an acronym that stands for Belief, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Tenacity, and Service to Others. He credits these principles as the foundation of his success and the positive turn his life has taken. Sandy's journey is a testament to the idea that when you align your life with these values, you open yourself up to incredible possibilities.

Step into the rhythm of success with Sandy Gennaro, a rock and roll drummer turned motivational speaker, as he shares the unconventional beats of his entrepreneurial journey. Discover the secrets behind his strategic approach to saying ‘yes’ at the right time and how this mindset shapes his personal and professional growth, turning adversity into opportunity.

You’ll learn about the delicate balance between luck and skill, as well as valuable lessons in leadership and team management drawn from Sandy’s experiences on the road with music industry legends. Listen in to hear about the transformation from a world-class drummer to a motivational speaker, and explore the power of positive energy and tenacity in achieving remarkable success.