Sandy’s BEAT THE ODDS Presentation Tech Requirements Rider


1. Lavalier clip-on wireless lapel mic. A wireless handheld mic for audience Q+A.


2. A projector with an HDMI input (and HDMI cable) along with a 7’x11’ or 9’x12’ screen to display a PowerPoint Presentation. In a smaller room such as a conference room a large monitor w/ an HDMI input will suffice. (I supply the MacBook containing the PPP)


3. The sound system does not have to be overly large just appropriate for the room. Built in-ceiling speakers usually are not adequate when emanating audio embedded in my Presentation. I suggest 2 powered, 3-way speakers on stands, a 4 channel mixer and an audio cable from the computer to sound system (1/8in out to mixer). All appropriate speaker/mixer cables.


4. A small table about 3ft H x 2ft W x 3ft L - Just large enough for my laptop, timer, and water bottle etc. This table will be placed near the screen/monitor. A music stand is a suitable substitute.


Please call or email me with any questions or concerns...Thank you!


Sandy Gennaro


Download Technical Rider